Vertical Split for GNU Screen


This patch provides a vertical split feature for current releases of GNU Screen. The feature is designed to function in the same manner as screen's existing split command, but dividing the regions vertically instead of horizontally. Both forms of splits can be used together in any combination/quantity/order desired. Something similar is slated to appear in GNU Screen 4.1 soon, and is already available in CVS per this mailing list thread (and has been included in the Debian and Ubuntu screen packages starting with 4.0.3-10). Also, a recent project named ScreenWM is designed specifically to work with a vsplit-patched screen (check it out!).


The vertical split patch is written and presently under development by Bill Pursell <> and can be freely used and redistributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.


The most recent version of the vertical split patch for GNU Screen can be retrieved via the following link:

As the filename implies, it should patch cleanly into pristine GNU Screen 4.0.2 source (just tested, and works fine with 4.0.3 as well). The MD5 checksum can be obtained via this link:

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Any assistance (especially in diff/patch form) is appreciated...

Please contact Bill Pursell <> with any additional bug reports and/or fixes.