weather Weather

This command-line utility is intended to provide quick access to current weather conditions and forecasts. Presently, it is capable of returning data for localities throughout the USA and some select locations globally by retrieving and formatting decoded METARs (Meteorological Aerodrome Reports) from NOAA (the USA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and forecasts/alerts from NWS (the USA National Weather Service). The tool is written to function in the same spirit as other command-line informational utilities like cal(1), calendar(1) and dict(1). It retrieves arbitrary weather data via precompiled correlations or custom-tailored aliases (system-wide or on a per-user basis). It can be freely used and redistributed under the terms of a BSD-like License.


NOAA WX weather products URLs updated

The old site was deprecated and as of August 23 subsequently removed from service. This is fixed in the 2.1 release, but users unable to upgrade can instead in-place edit correlation data files (particularly stations and zones) as well as references in any weatherrc configuration file to use the working URL instead. Alternatively, a newer copy of these files can be obtained from the Extracted Source or Git access links in the Download section below.





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